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Winner of the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 for

"Maternity Nurse of the Year"


Maternity Mum is a bespoke maternity nurse and night nanny service founded by Cheryl Foster, a qualified midwife and experienced maternity nurse. Providing personal and professional postnatal care to parents and their babies.

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Advantages of a 24 Hour Live in Maternity Nurse

There are many benefits to booking a 24 hour live in maternity nurse. The maternity nurses are on call 24 hours for guidance and support during the day as well as during the night. Giving reassurance to many new parents especially first time parents, parents of twins/ multiples, single parents, same sex parents or any new parents that may need guidance and support from a postnatal professional. Some new parents may not have extended family living local and often partners may work long hours. Being a new parent without a strong support network in place can be challenging. Having an experienced newborn professional living in your home during those early days can be very helpful and reassuring. Some parents may have additional health needs and need extra support from our postnatal care givers.

24 hour live in Maternity Nurse General Information

Live in maternity nurses take a 4 hour break during the day to either catch up on some sleep, take a walk or exercise to recharge their batteries. 

Live in, 24 hour maternity nurses can work a maximum of 6 shifts per week. However parents often request 24/5 per week. Allowing for quality family time at the weekend. Again the interview stage would be an ideal opportunity to discuss days off and the option of the maternity nurse staying in the family home or travelling back home on their days off.

Parents can book a 24 hour live in maternity nurse for just a few days following the birth of the baby, to help them adjust to life at home with their newborn. Or for as long as a 6 month contract. Typically parents often choose to book a maternity nurse for 1 to 12 weeks.

Usually the 24 hour maternity nurse will share a bedroom with the baby at night so parents can catch up on some much needed sleep. If mum is breastfeeding the maternity nurse can bring the baby to mum to feed. When the baby has finished feeding the maternity nurse will continue with the baby cares, nappy changing, winding and settling. Allowing Mum time to rest.

Although the 24 hour maternity nurse will be sharing a bedroom with the baby during the night. The clients would need to make provisions for the maternity nurse to have access to a bedroom during their break.

Maternity Nurses are self employed and therefore are responsible for setting their own rates per 24 hours . All the rates quoted are gross and the maternity nurses are responsible for their own tax and insurance.


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