The Booking Process


Booking A Maternity Nurse

It is always best to book a maternity nurse as soon as you possibly can. Experienced maternity nurses can be booked many months in advance.

You can contact us via our Parent Enquiry Form or email us at

Alternatively phone for a chat or request a call back for a time that is convenient for yourself.

Tel +44 (0)7557133711

If your baby is already born or you decide later in your pregnancy that you would like to book a maternity nurse, please get in touch as soon as possible. We have many experienced maternity nurses and we can help you to find a suitable maternity nurse for your specific requirements. Please note there is no registration fee. Our agency recommendation fees are only payable once you have booked and secured a maternity nurse. Please see our guide to agency fees.

Booking Dates for A Maternity Nurse

Firstly we will need to know your expected due date (EDD) so that you can decide which start date is best for yourself. Some parents will want a maternity nurse as soon as the baby is born or arrives home from the hospital. Other new mums may prefer to wait one or two weeks, as they may already have postnatal support from their partners and family members in the early days.

In the event that your baby arrives early you can contact your maternity nurse direct to check if she is available to start the contract early. Most maternity nurses allow time in between contracts, if the maternity nurses have availability they are generally flexible and will be able to join you and your baby.

When interviewing potential maternity nurses please ask them about any future bookings and the feasibility of starting the contract early if needed. In the event that your baby does arrive earlier then expected and your chosen maternity nurse is unavailable then please get in touch. We will endeavour to find you an emergency temporary maternity nurse to help until your chosen maternity nurse is able to start. Mums, especially first time mums may not give birth for up to two weeks after the EDD. Please note that all maternity nurses usually charge 50% of their hourly/ daily/ weekly fees as a retainer for the waiting time. Please discuss the retainer agreement with potential maternity nurses at the interview. Once your baby's EDD is confirmed, you can then decide what start date is best for yourself. We can discuss all the options and benefits. But to give you an idea most mums do not book before the EDD. We advice to book a maternity nurse on or up to 7 days after your EDD.

Once the start date is finalised you then need to decide how long you will need a maternity nurse for. Contracts can range from one week up to 6 months, the average contract for most new parents is 6 and 12 weeks. But this is a personal choice based on your individual circumstances. We can have a chat and advice you on the best options.


Type of Maternity Nurse

Once the booking dates are finalised, you will need to decide on the type of cover that you are looking for. Firstly 24hr live in maternity nurses who can work a maximum of 6/24 hr per week. Please note that all maternity nurses working 24 hr shifts are entitled to a break each day, usually 3 or 4 hours. Please ask potential maternity nurses at the interview regarding their days off and break times.

Maternity nurses can also work up to 12 hours per day or over night. Some new parents may choose to have help during the night only. Alternately some parents may choose a maternity nurse during the day, or maybe they are unable to accommodate a maternity nurse overnight. Again we can discuss your options, advantages and disadvantages of both.

We will need to ask you some details about your family and the style of parenting in order to match you with potential suitable maternity nurses. We may ask questions such as the ages of any older siblings or types of pets that are living in the family home. If you need a driver or someone with specific skills. We may ask you about your philosophy on parenting. Are you looking for a routine Gina Ford style or baby led care?


Once we have all your requirements, we will endeavour to send you a minimum of three maternity nurse profiles, depending on candidates availability. All of the maternity nurses will be made aware that their details have been passed on, so you can contact them direct to arrange an interview, they will be expecting your call. We would advice that you speak to all of the candidates and have a list of questions for the potential maternity nurses. We can advice you on interview questions if needed.

Read our guidelines on interviews.

Some of our maternity nurses may be working 24 hrs, so they may need notice to arrange an interview. The candidates that we send to you will have availability now. But just to make you aware that they do advertise with other agencies and will be actively looking for work until they have signed a contract. So if you do see a potential maternity nurse that you like it would be better to contact her as soon as possible.

Completing the Booking Process

Once you have interviewed all of the applicants you can then contact the successful candidate and she will arrange a contract to be signed by both parties, along with a deposit to secure the booking.  Please note that the booking is not finalised until the contract between yourself and the maternity nurse has been signed and the deposit has been paid. At the same time if you could please let us know that you have found your ideal maternity nurse. We can then inform the unsuccessful candidates and prepare our service agreement form and invoice for our agency introduction fees.

If you need any further assistance during the booking process please get in touch.