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Winner of the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 for

"Maternity Nurse of the Year"

Maternity Mum is a bespoke maternity nurse and night nanny service founded by Cheryl Foster, a qualified midwife and experienced maternity nurse. Providing personal and professional postnatal care to parents and their babies.

MATERNITY MUM / maternity nurse

Arriving home from the hospital with your new bundle of joy is an amazing journey. But it can also feel quite daunting. You may be first time parents and feeling very overwhelmed with everything. Having the guidance of a newborn care specialists can help alleviate any concerns or worries. As a professional postnatal carer, I will hold your hand and guide you through those challenging first few weeks.


I am able to meet you and your baby as soon as you arrive home from the hospital. I can help with feeding, whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Help set up any equipment that you may need and sterilise bottles and equipment. I will be there to offer guidance and support in every aspect of newborn cares. 


The welcome home package is ideal for new parents that just want a couple of days to 2 weeks of support. We can have a chat about when the best time for you would be. Some parents prefer to book my services as soon as they are discharged from hospital, others decide to wait for a few days up to a week and spend quality time with just their partner and baby before I arrive. I am able to offer the welcome home baby package as a live in maternity nurse anywhere in the UK. Although I live in Yorkshire I travel for work, my bookings tend to be in London or the surrounding areas. However I am happy to offer a welcome home package anywhere in the UK.

I am able to offer my maternity nurse services to a range of clients from single parents, same sex parents, surrogate parents, first time parents and new parents who need to return to work shortly after the birth. First time parents, 2nd, 3rd or 4th time parents and parents of multiples.


Usually I share a bedroom with the baby at night so that parents can catch up on some much needed sleep. If mum is breastfeeding I will bring the baby to mum to feed, offering guidance on latch, attachment, positioning etc. When the baby has finished feeding I will continue with the baby cares, nappy changing, winding and settling. So that new mums can maximise on their sleep in those early days. The postnatal period can be extremely exhausting and having support in those early days can have a huge positive impact on parents.


I am happy to do as much or as little as you need. Often parents who book a welcome home package want to do as much as they can themselves. I am there for peace of mind as well as a teaching/guidance role. I will always involve partners and siblings and my skills and knowledge have enabled me to support nannies in the past, who may have only had experience working with older children. 


I am passionate about delivering evidence based care, empowering parents to make informed choices and fully supporting their parenting decisions. I leave parents confident, fully informed and well equipped to take care of their newborn baby. 


Most of my families keep in touch with me after I leave. I receive lots of photos and updates of how their little ones are doing, especially when they reach certain milestones, which is always lovely to see. I feel so privileged to be part of this very special time in a new parents life. 


Please read my recommendations from my previous families along with my qualifications, experience, achievements and rates.

My Recommendations 

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