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I am honoured to win this prestigious award by the UK Enterprise Awards 2022 for the 2nd year running for: 

"Maternity Nurse of the Year"

Cheryl Foster has earned herself the title of Best Maternity Nurse 2021 in the recent UK Enterprise Awards.
The maternity nurse consultancy was founded in 2016 by Cheryl Foster, who has worked as both a midwife and a maternity nurse for more than an impressive twenty years. Throughout her extraordinary career, Cheryl has accumulated extensive education and experience in caring for new mothers, and also loves being able to foster and nurture the relationships between mother and baby. As a mother herself, Cheryl is able to be empathetic and has the benefit of having first-hand experience which helps her in supporting those in her care.

Cheryl specialises in a diverse range of fields, which include breastfeeding, sleep training, weaning, twins, reflux, colic, tongue tie, bottle refusal and premature babies. In other words, there is truly no area of maternity care that she cannot help with.

Cheryl is able to offer her clients 24 hour live in maternity nurse services as well as daily and nights. Cheryl is self-employed and is able to take bookings ranging from one day up to six months, giving prospective clients all the flexibility required to meet their needs.

Cheryl has an in depth knowledge of the needs of her clients, as well as the role of a maternity nurse. This enables matching her services with a client a much simpler and efficient process.

The clients that Cheryl has are predominantly new parents who require support and guidance following the birth of their baby. Cheryl is able to meet clients as soon as they are discharged from the hospital and is an expert at helping the baby/ babies settle in their new homes. Cheryl has a wide range of clients from single parents, same sex parents, surrogates, first time parents and new parents who need to return work shortly after the birth. In a nutshell, Cheryl helps any new parent who is in need of professional help and support with their new baby.


One of the most important values which Cheryl adheres to, is that each client is unique and no situation is the same. Parents have different styles of parenting and different routines and schedules they set, which is why she needs to be able to adapt to all of this. There are also health issues that need to be taken into consideration, such as postnatal depression. In order to do this, Cheryl takes into account the needs of the client and ensures that both herself and the clients are both on the same page. It is key that Cheryl provides the best possible service to every single one of her clients. Client satisfaction is something that is massively important to Cheryl, and the endless positive testimonials both on the website and on Facebook are proof that the service she offers is an excellent one.In recent months, much like many other businesses, Cheryl has seen a dramatic decrease in the bookings that she has  received during the current pandemic and lockdown. She has been able to counter this by offering her services remotely, making tools to help new parents available online. In addition to proving online services, Cheryl has even made some of these remote services complimentary, so that she can continue providing the best possible service to those who need it. As we move out of lockdown and as the world slowly starts to return to normal, Cheryl  will continue to offer online support for parents, covering both antenatal and postnatal support. Ultimately, this work and the support that she has been able to provide new parents has shown Cheryl to be worthy of the Maternity Nurse of the Year 2022.


Cheryl has been featured in various local newspapers, radio and wrote an article on the role of a maternity nurse for absolute mama magazine. Cheryl has received a personal letter from her local MP recognising her contribution as a Midwife to the NHS and to personally congratulate her on her success as a maternity nurse.

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